Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rookie Redskin Receivers Don't Know About Art Monk

There's a great article by Dan Daly of the Washington Times about Art Monk. The disappointing thing is he mentions that rookie Redskins wide receivers Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly don't know jack about one of the greatest NFL wide receivers to ever play the game.

"Never saw him play," Thomas says. "I know he was a great receiver, but I've only seen him on the NFL Network, making catches and stuff."

The loquacious Kelly gave a lengthier version of the same answer. "No memory at all of him," he says. "I was so young when he was finishing up" - 8 years old, to be exact, when Monk closed out his career with the Eagles in '95.

Wow, that's a bit disappointing in my opinion. I would think, if I was Dan Snyder (I ponder that a lot), I would have put those two dudes, and the other draft picks through a 2 day crash course this offseason on the history of the know, the team that is paying them millions of dollars.

Even I know of the great players of other NFL teams over the last 50 years. Why don't these kids know about them? Don't they realize there are so many players other than Michael Irvin, Cris Carter, and Jerry Rice? Shouldn't a college athlete broaden their knowledge on those that paved the way to their new career? You'd think.

But, I am not surprised, it's been reported that many players on the current Redskins roster do not know who/what The Posse was. And veteran guard Randy Thomas doesn't know the words...not even a couple verses...of Hail to The Redskins. The song that plays after every touchdown at FedEx field. Darn shame to some extent.

Well, I am taking off tomorrow to drive to Canton, Ohio to see Art Monk and some guy named Darrell Green get immortalized in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. I'll get some pics and thoughts and post them up here for those that can't make this long awaited event.

Devin Thomas...Malcolm Kelly...MEET ART MONK!


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Redskins Guy said...

8 years old when Monk retired? Now I feel old. :)